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Lighting of Marinepia Nihonkai [Niigata]

Figure 1 Lighting of coral reef aquarium

Brief summary

Figure 2 Lighting of jellyfish aquarium

The Niigata City Aquarium “Marinepia Nihonkai” has approximately 450 varieties and 20,000 specimens of sea life on display and is the largest aquarium on the Sea of Japan coast. Featuring a large 800 ton water tank, a marine tunnel in which large shoals of sardines, stingrays and the like swim, acrobatic dolphin shows, and a penguin coast exhibit, the aquarium is a popular tourist destination in Niigata City.

  • Location: Niigata-shi, Niigata Prefecture
  • Completion: June 2013
  • Owner: Niigata Prefecture
  • Designer: DAIKEN SEKKEI, Inc.
  • This material is provided by Shingo Shimizu(Iwasaki Electric Co.)
  • Copyrights for Figures 1 and 2 are reserved by Iwasaki Electric Co.

*This text is quoted from “Lighting Photographs” published in the journal of the IEIJ, Vol.99 No.6, 2015. It contains descriptions in more details for the lighting facilities. The current operation may differ from that in the journal.