Steering Committee on Awards and Grants of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (IEIJ) and the related Judging Committees are planning and operating the Awards and the Grant shown below. The information of the applications is uploaded and renewed in autumn every year only in Japanese site.

For the members

  • The IEIJ Award

    for Research Achievement

    for Technology Development Achievement

    for Design Achievement

    for Distinguished Service

  • Perennial Contributor Award (*selected every five years)

For the lighting achievements

  • Japan Illumination Award (*not limited to lighting objects)
  • IEIJ Lighting Design Award

    Award of Distinction

    Awards of Excellence

    Awards of Merit

    Special Citation

  • IEIJ Good Lighting Award

For the research and development

  • IEIJ Advanced Lighting Technology Award
  • IEIJ Paper Award
  • IEIJ Research Encouraging Award


  • Grant for Research and Education