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“Journal of Science and Technology in Lighting” is an English-language publication of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan that is issued with the aim of introducing advances in international studies and the technology of lighting engineering to a wide audience, and in addition to presenting articles on lighting fundamentals and applications, also includes papers, letters, and research notes the like in a wide range of fields, such as the generation and application of light, vision fundamentals, the creation of visual environments, and so on. The journal welcomes submissions in a wide range of topics from both Japan and overseas.

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From April 1, 2017 Journal of Light & Visual Environment has changed the journal title into “Journal of Science and Technology in Lighting”. On the submission the research fields, the way of submission, the format of manuscript and so on remains unchanged. Please submit your paper according to “To submit your paper to JSTL”.

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J-Stage, Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic, is an E-Journal site. You can view and download of past issues and also advance publications of JLVE.
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You can view and download of past issues until Vol.40 (issued on March,2017) on J-Stage.
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JSTL site for submission and peer review system run by J-Stage. Please make your own account and submit your paper.
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