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  • Invitation to New Members

Invitation to New Members

Application for Membership

Membership is open to all. Please request the form of "Application for Membership in IEIJ" from the Office, the address of which is the same as that of the headquarters. Please fill out the application form and send it to the IEI-J headquarters with the admission fee and annual membership fee for the corresponding classification of membership, together with the enclosed remittance slip.

Classification of Membership and Membership Fees

For admittance as a member an introduction by one of the current members and remittance of the fees are necessary. A member is a member under civil law. For the member, the Institute's journal is distributed free of charge and privileges corresponding to the classification of membership are offered.
Membership classifications and corresponding fees are as shown below, but for details please refer to the Articles of the Institute.

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Classification of Membership Membership Fee(Yen/Yr.) Admission Fee(Yen) No.of MembersMar.31,2009
Honorary Member - - 48
Life Member - - 221
Specialty Member 13,000 - 284
Regular Member 10,000 1,000 4,996
Associate Member 3,000 500 52
Total Individual Members - - 5,601
Supporting Members (A) 60,000 - 193
Supporting Members (B) 20,000   47
Educ. Inst. Members 8,000 - 26
Grand Total - - 6,867

Advantages of Membership

Members can enjoy the following privileges

  • Study and research results can be presented
    • in an article in the Institute's Journal and/or English Journal.
    • in the form of a lecture (at the Annual Conference, the Joint Conferences with other Related Institutes, Branch Conferences, Open Forums, and so on).
  • Receives the IEI-J Journal every month.
  • Can purchase the English Journal at special price for members.
  • Can purchase various publications at special prices for members.
  • Can join in various activities such as study and research.
  • Can use various kinds of official commendations.