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Lighting of Diamond City prou [Osaka Prefecture]

Fig. 1 Lighting of the shopping mall.

Brief summary

Fig. 2 LED lighting for the entrance hall.

Fig. 3 LED lighting for the shopping mall.

Fig. 4 LED lighting for the shopping mall.

This facility was designed with the theme of “Inspiring Life Solution Shopping Center" and it serves well as the northern entrance of Sakai City, which became a city designated by government ordinance in 2006.

  • Location: Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture
  • Client: Diamond City Co., Ltd.
  • Design: Takenaka Corporation
  • Completion of construction: October 2004
  • Materials provided by: Regular Member Hiroyuki Fukuzawa (Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.)
    Photographs (Fig. 1, Fig. 2): Copyright Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.

*This text is quoted from “Lighting Datasheets” published in the Journal of the IEI-J, Vol. 90, Number 7, July 2006. The journal contains a description of the illumination facilities.