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Tsuruoka Art Forum [Yamagata Prefecture]

Fig. 1 The pole lighting continues from the outside to the interior

Brief summary

Fig. 2 The Extension Gallery

The Tsuruoka Art Forum, designed to provide a space for the free expression of the citizens, is composed of an open gallery space to house the products of the citizensí art and cultural activities.

  • Location: Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture
  • Client: Tsuruoka City
  • Design: Ozawa Atlier.
  • Completion: March 2005
  • Materials provided by: Regular member Tomohiro Suzuki (Sogo Consultants (Mechanical & Electrical Engineers Associates))
    Photographs (Fig. 1 - Fig. 2): Copyright Hiroshi Shinozawa

*This text is quoted from “Lighting Photographs” published in the Journal of the IEI-J, Vol. 91, Number 3, March 2007. The journal contains descriptions of the lighting facilities.