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Brief History of IEIJ

Mar 25 1878 The first carbon arc lamps were lighted at the Imperial College of Engineering in Tokyo under the direction of Prof. W. E. Ayrton. Afterwards, Mar. 25 became Electricity Commemoration Day in Japan.
Oct 21 1879. Invention of the carbon-filament lamp by Thomas Edison, Day of Illumination
1900 Founding of the CIP (Committee of International Photometry)
May 1911 Establishment of Electricity Engineering Institute of Japan
Nov 29 1916 Founding of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
Mar 1917 First publication of the Journal of the IEI-J
Jan 1920 Inauguration of Tokyo Branch and Kansai Branch of the IEI-J
Oct 1921 Establishment of the Commission International de I'Eclairage (CIE)
Feb 1922 Establishment of the Japanese National Committe of CIE
Mar 1924 Establishment of the IEI-J
Jan 1926 Inauguration of the Illumination Knowledge Promoting Committee
Mar 1928 Start of the Tokai Branch, IEI-J
Nov 1929 Start of the Kyushu Branch, IEI-J
Oct 1930 Start of the Hokkaido Branch, IEI-J
Jul 1951 Start of the Chugoku Branch, IEI-J
Aug 1952 Start of the Shikoku Branch and the Tohoku Branch, IEI-J
Feb 1955 Start of the Hokuriku Branch, IEI-J
Mar 1955 Japanese National Committe of CIE rejoined the CIE
Nov 29 1957 Start of the Illumination Promoting Association
Nov 29 1966 IEI-J celebreted its 50th anniversary
Nov 29 1976 IEI-J celebreted its 60th anniversary
Nov 29 1991 IEI-J celebreted its 75th anniversary
Nov 29 1996 IEI-J celebrated its 80th anniversary
Nov 29 2001 IEI-J celebrated its 85th anniversary
Nov 29 2006 IEI-J celebrated its 90th anniversary