Business and Activities

Research and Annual Conference

1. Research Administration Committee

Oversees the activities of each Research Specialty Section, each Research & Investigation Committee, and each Special Research Committee, and coordinates their mutual cooperation, and facilitates study activities in general.

1.1.Research Specialty Section
a)Opto-electronic Materials and Devices Study Specialty Section
Chairman: Norihiko Kamata(Saitama university)
Covers fields related to materials, and devices related to light, such as materials for displays, devices, light sources, and so on.
b) Light Source and Related Systems Study Specialty Section
Chairman: Haruo Itoh(Chiba Institute of Technology)
Covers light sources, lighting circuits, luminaires, and systems composed of these.
c) Radiation and Related Radiometry Study Specialty Section
Chairman: Tamaki Yaji(Saitama university)
Covers appliance technology for comfortable lighted environments and the various effects of light in regard to visual performance and areas other than visual perception. Also covers appliance technology regarding light radiation as energy, and fields related to quantitative evaluation and measurement technology.
d) Lighting Environment Study Specialty Section
Chairman: Tetsuo Yamaya(Nihon university)
Covers the physical characteristics of illuminated space,the basics of illumination, technology and its systems to create illuminated environments, illumination as one of the elements composing a social system, and fields concerning the evaluation of the illuminated environment. Handles a wide range of areas not covered by the other specialty Section.
e) Visual Perception Study Specialty Section
Chairman: Katsunori Okajima(Yokohama National university)
Covers mechanisms and properties of the visual system, the physiology and psychology of visual perception, color, visual information, equipment to assist visual perception, and other related fields.
1.2.Research and Investigation Committee

It studies topics of contemporary interest and announces the results to public in the journal of the Institute or other publications.

1.3.Special Research Committee

It studies the projects assigned by various groups other than the Institute and thus widely contributes to society.

1.4.Annual Conference Comittee

The IEI-J holds the IEI-J Annual Conference, the Joint Conference of Institutes Related to Electricity and Information, Branch Conferences, the International Symposium, special lectures, open forums, and so on.

a)IEI-J Annual Conference
The IEI-J Annual Conference is held once a year in principle to present papers by members and to hold symposiums, special lectures, social gatherings, and so on.
b) Branch Conferences
Branch Conferences are held by each branch as joint conferences with branches of the four other institutes related to electricity and information (the institutes of electricity, electronic information communication, television and information processing).
c) International Symposium
The International Symposium is planned and held on specific subjects relevant to contemporary issues in order to promote the international standing of the Institute and its members.
d) Joint Conference of Institutes Related to Electricity and Information
The Joint Conference of Institutes Related to Electricity and Information is held once a year, where famous lecturers are invited to give presentations on a specific, contemporary, unifying theme. Also,academic conferences and symposiums are held in conjunction with the Conference.

Setting Standards

1.Institute Standard and Illumination-related JIS Planning Committee

Exchanges information with the Japan Illumination Committee on establishment and revision of international standards and their consistency with domestic standards, and plans establishment and revision of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) related to illumination.

2.Illumination Technical Terms Survey Committee

Selects and determines technical terms that should be defined and coordinates definitions among sub-committees in order to facilitate revisions of JIS Z 8113 (technical terms for illumination) in line with the goal " to realize consistency between JIS and international standards " .

Edition and Publications

1. Edition Administration Committee

Monitors the status of the Planning and Editorial Committee, the Literature and Information Committee, the News and New Technology Committee, the Papers Committee, the Annual Illumination Report Committee, and the English Journal Committee, and develops mutual coordination among them and the Board of Officers. Promotes services for members through the Institute's publications and English journal.

1.1. Planning and Editorial Committee

Plans and discusses projects regarding the Institute's journal, and checks the content of articles to be published.

a) Literature and Information Committee
Surveys and introduces domestic and overseas of literature, publishes the Institute's calendar, and surveys trends of scientific technology and academic studies in the international conferences on illumination.
b) News and New Technology Committee
Plans and/or inspects illumination data sheets, lighting photographs, lighting designs, facilities reports, cover pages for publications, Illumination News, introduction of new products, and so on.
1.2. Paper Committee

Plans and edits projects on the papers edition of the Institute's journal, and examines the contributed papers.

1.3.Annual Illumination Report Committee

Plans, edits and issues the Annual Illumination Report of the Institute's journal, and chooses coordinators and writers.

1.4 English Journal Committee

Plans and discusses on projects regarding edition of the journal in English and peruses the contributed papers.

Education,Business and Operation

1. Illumination Education Committee

Plans and runs the correspondence courses of education (Basic Course for Illumination and Special Course for Illumination) offered by IEI-J.

2. Publication Committee

Publishes and sells the membership directory, various academic books issued by the Institute, and other publications. Publishes the publication catalog for the Institute, including publications by the Japan Illumination Committee and Illumination Promoting Society.

3. Advertisement Committee

Controls advertising, which is an important item for the financial support of the Institute.

International Activities

International Activities Committee promotes and implements international activities based upon the medium and long range visions for the Institute's international activities. Monitors the activities of Lux Pacifica Japan Organization Committee and its Execution Committee. Helped plan and implement the Nagoya Conference held in October 1997. Develops effective exchanges of information in Japan for LS:11. Cooperates with other five institutes related to electric appliances and information on the revision of the agreement with IEEE.

1. Lux Pacifica Committee

Helps and implementsthe Jul.25 to 27, 2005 - Lux Pacifica in Cairns, Austrailia.

2. LS:11 (Shanghai, China on Apr.,2007) Corresponding Committee

Announces LS:11 plan to IEIJ-members , invites papers , proposes invited papers to LS:11 organizing committee.

3. China, Japan and Korea Lighting Symposium Committee

The Symposium of the official event is hosted in turn of every year by each of the three parties in their respective countries, agreed with the Co-operation Agreement between those parties.

Awards and Grants

1. Awards and Grants Administration Committee

Coordinates and supervises overall awards and grants offered by the Institute.

1.1. Study and Educational Grants Committee

Invites applications for study and educational grants and summarizes the applications. Develops plans for the committee member composition for both of the Preparatory Selection Committee for Study & Educational Grants and the Study & Educational Grants Evaluation Committee. Summarizes and drafts a report on the completed papers for study and educational grants applications, and evaluates them and reports the outcome to the Board of Directors.

1.2. Study and Educational Grants Evaluation Committee

Evaluates the study and educational grants applications selected by the Preparatory Selection Committee, determines the candidates for awards and recommends them to the Board of Directors.

a) Preparatory Selection Committee for Study and Educational Grants
Evaluates the submitted papers for study and educational grants and recommends the candidates to the Study and Educational Grants Evaluation Committee.
1.3. IEI-J Award Evaluation Committee

Evaluates candidates for IEI-J award and recommends the outcome to the Board of Directors.

1.4. Evauation Committee for IEI-J Excellent Paper Award and Research Encouragement Award

Evaluates candidates for IEI-J excellent award and research encouragement award, and reports the outcome to the Board of Directors.

1.5. Japan Lighting Award Evaluation Committee

Evaluates candidates for Japan Lighting Award, and reports the outcome to the Board of Directors.

a)Japan Lighting Award Preparatory Selection Committee
Selects candidates for Japan Lighting Award, and recommends them to the Japan Lighting Award Evaluation Committee.
1.6. Light and Lighting Design Award Evaluation Committee

Evaluates candidates for Light and Lighting Design Award 2006, and reports the outcome Boad of Directors.

1.7. Lighting Technology Award Evaluation Committee

Evaluates candidates for Lighting Technology Award 2006, and reports the outcome Boad of Directors.