Statement on the situation in Ukraine

 We have been internationally promoting the interdisciplinary development of science and technology on illumination, fostering students and engineers, and disseminating information based on scientific knowledge. These activities, which aim to contribute to people's healthier and happier lives, are based on the premise that people respect each other and live together in the unique environment of the Earth.
Now is the time to seriously address global warming and other issues and work together internationally to find solutions. Science and technology should be used as an effective means of such solutions, never as a means to cause the loss of precious lives. In addition, it is language, namely information, that has nurtured human culture and society by connecting people. We must not take language lightly but must be keenly aware of true words. We hope to share true information among the people in the world.
Throughout our long history, we humans have learned from nature, realized inventions, and built today's society on our intellectual accumulation. We have also learned a great deal from our tragic history. We should not ignore these accumulations. We are against war for any reason and strongly hope that peace and security will return to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Norihiko Kamata, the 53rd President of Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan