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  • UV技術 昨今のコロナウイルス感染症の状況を鑑み

UV技術 昨今のコロナウイルス感染症の状況を鑑み
UV Technology In Light of the Recent Coronavirus Pandemic

広く世界中に、新型肺炎のパンデミックの懸念される現今において、対策技術として大きな効果の期待される紫外線殺菌に関して、紫外線発生から使用技術まで、理論と実際の両面からの現状をサーベイしビジョンを述べ ます。(より正確には「ウィルスの殺菌」ではなく「ウィルスの不活化」ですが、長く殺菌という言葉が使われており、一般にも馴染みのある言葉が殺菌ですので、ここでは殺菌としています。また、どの言葉を使用するかはそれぞれの原稿の執筆者の選択に委ねており、本企画では用語の統一は行っておりません。)

今回は、照明学会から社会 への知の還流とそれによる本会のプレゼンス向上を目的とし、速報性と多彩な媒体での情報発信を重視 しています。 そのため、以下の3段階での情報発信を行うこととしました。今回は第1段階のコア情報の速報です。ぜひご覧ください。

In today’s world, which is gripped with concern about the spreading novel coronavirus pandemic, UV sterilization is expected to be a very effective countermeasure technology. Accordingly, this article surveys the current situation from both theoretical and practical perspectives covering topics ranging from UV generation to UV usage technologies and states our future vision for UV sterilization.

To be more precise, although this technology is referred to as “sterilization” of a virus by UV, it is more like “inactivation” of the virus. The term “sterilization,” however, has been used for a long time and is familiar to the general public, so it is used in this article. Moreover, which of the two terms to use is left to the choice of the author of each manuscript, so the terms may not be used uniformly in this survey.

As for this survey, with the aim of returning knowledge accumulated by the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (IEIJ) to society and thereby improving the presence of the IEIJ, we emphasize breaking news and disseminating information through various media. We have therefore decided to disseminate information in the three stages liste d below. As part of the first stage dissemination, this article brings breaking news containing core information, so please take a look at it.

Stage 1:
Core information will be published on the official website of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (IEIJ).
Stage 2:
Manuscripts containing the core information published on the IEIJ website will be translated into English and published promptly in the online English language journal on J STAGE.
Stage 3:
In addition to the following contents, a special feat ure on UV generators (lighting fixture type for indoor use) and UV applying equipment produced by several manufacturers will be published in the IEIJ Journal in March 2021(Vol. 105, No. 2).

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Sterilization Technology using an Ultraviolet radiation Source

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