Report on 6th Lighting Conference of China, Japan and Korea – Korea

Reported by Organization Committee (IEIJ) of CJK Lighting Conference


The 6th Lighting Conference of China, Japan and Korea was held in KOPTI(Korea Photonics Technology Institute ), Gwangju ,Korea on August 23, 2013.


This 6th Lighting Conference was held in Korea Gwangju in August 23 of this year, which presented 103 papers and had 197 participants. In addition, most of participants could deepen friendship in the social events after this conference (banquet and night tour).
The conference was completed successfully.

This annual conference started in Beijing in Oct. 2008 as “The 1st Lighting Symposium of China, Japan and Korea”, and was followed by the 2nd’s in Sapporo in 2009, the 3rd’s in Seoul in 2010 ,the 4th’s in Dalian in 2011, and the 5th’s in Tokyo in 2012.

The 12th CJK organization committee meeting was held to plan the 7th Lighting Conference in China in 2014.

Opening Date,Time and Venue

  • August 23, 2013, Friday, 8:00-17:00. The time does not include social events.
  • KOPTI(Korea Photonics Technology Institute ), Gwangju ,Korea

Details of Conference

  • Theme of conference
    Lighting Environment and Energy Science
  • Topics of conference
    Solid State lighting and Application, Lighting Design and Energy Efficiency
  • Key-note speech
    “Lighting in the Korean Market“ (Speaker :Jong Min Rhee)
  • Total 103 presenting papers including key-note’s
    Presenting Paper numbers per country:
    24 papers from Japan, 25’s from China and 52’s from Korea
    24 oral presentations and 75 poster’s including 12 short oral’s
    3 presentations of residential lighting session
    36 presentations of students (7’s from Japan, 8’s from China and 21’s from Korea)
  • Best paper award
    6 papers (3’s for oral presentations and 3’s for poster’s)
  • Award of encouragement for students
    All students’ papers submitted to the conference
  • 197 participants (39, 25 and 133 from Japan, China and Korea, respectively)
  • Special affairs
    • The 6th conference (103 papers and 197 participants) is as large as the other finished conferences. This conference became established in three countries.
    • The number of students in an oral presentation increased. In the 6th conference, the number of students from Japan and China also increased, and was as large as that of the 3rd conference in Korea.
    • Field The number of presentations on Hard field increased. Hard field includes a lighting control system and a circuit control. The interests in LED are conjectured to have shifted from the development phase to the stage of practical use.
      The studies on Soft field could not be characterized as compared with the other finished conferences.
    • The 2nd residential lighting session was held to report the studies by an international joint research group.

  • Opening Ceremony by Mr. Ono
    (The Vice-chairperson of IEIJ)

  • Award Ceremony of Best Papers’ Presentations

  • Award Ceremony of Best Papers’ Presentations

  • Award Ceremony of Encouragement for Students

  • Assembly of Participants Following to Closing Ceremony