Notes for Contributors

A. General Guidelines

  1. Original research articles, report on improvement of lighting installations and research notes relating to the newly developing field in generation of radiation and its application, in fundamentals of vision and scientific formation of visual environments as well as in the science and art of lighting are invited for publication by this Journal.
  2. Manuscripts should be written in English. For nomenclature, symbols and units, the author should follow internationally agreed rules such as CIE/IEC international Lighting Vocabulary.
  3. Manuscripts should be as concise as possible. As a rule, papers should not exceed 12 pages in length. Research notes may take the form of descriptions of a short piece of research or particular aspects of longer research or a new development in technique or instrumentation.

B. Preparation of Manuscripts

  1. Manuscripts should be typewritten, double spaced on one side of A-4 size white bond paper. Three copies should be submitted.
  2. The title of the paper and author's full name should be given on a separate cover sheet and address of author's institution should be included.
  3. Tables, figures and photographs should be numbered and the approximate position of each illustration should be indicated in the text. All the captions, typed on a separate sheet, should be attached to the manuscript.
  4. Literature references should be given in a form of numbers in the text referring to a list at the end of the paper.
  5. Drawings should be about twice the reproduced size. Figures, symbols and letters should be sharp and in black ink.
  6. Photographs should be larger than the reproduced size and be in sharp focus and as rich in contrast as possible.
  7. The desired font for symbols and letters ( for example, italic type ) should be marked in the text. If necessary, the desired final size of figures or photographs could be specified, but they should be as close to the same size as possible.

C. Accepted Manuscripts, Proof-reading

  1. Form and content of the submitted manuscript will be reviewed by the Editor's Board.
  2. Manuscripts that are accepted but not written concisely may be returned to the authors for revision.
  3. Contributors will receive a proof which should be read carefully for printer's errors. Unless essential, authors should not alter the original text at this stage nor should new material be inserted.
  4. Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be sent back to the contributors.
  5. Fifty reprints will be supplied to the authors free of charge.

D. Copyright

  1. All copyrights for articles published in the Journal of Light & Visual Environment are the property of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan. However, the authors are free to use all or most of the work in another publication, if they notify the publishing office of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan, and clearly refer to the original publication. When only a small part of the work is to be used, it is sufficient to only clearly refer to the original paper.

E. Notice about Photocopying

One of the following procedures is required to copy this publication.

  1. If you apply for license for copying in a country or region in which JAACC has concluded a bilateral agreement with an RRO (Reproduction Rights Organization), please apply for the license to the RRO. Please visit the following URL.
  2. If you apply for license for copying in a country or region in which JAACC has no bilateral agreement, please apply for the license to JAACC.
  3. For the license for citation, reprint, and/or translation, etc., please contact IEIJ.

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